Tourist Attractions in Gdansk

Gdansk is located on the northern Baltic coast of Poland, and it has many sights to see and many places to explore, including a 13th century brick castle and the shipyard where the “Solidarity” movement was born, started by shipyard worker Lech Walesa after a co-worker was fired undeservingly shortly before her retirement. The movement was crucial in the ending of communism in Poland and Lech Walesa was later elected the country's president.

The city and its area is full of history to learn more about and historic sites to visit. has all the tours you might need on your travels to Gdansk.

Gdansk: City Cruise on Historic Polish Boat

On this cruise you will travel around Gdansk aboard a wooden replica of a historical Polish boat while learning about the city’s history and port.

The wooden river ship was used for over 400 years, although mainly in the 18th century. The replica is an intimate and spacious 12-seater boat that can take you to see places unable to go to in larger ships.

The cruise starts from the former Gdansk Shipyard. For over 170 years the shipyard was unavailable to visitors while being a workplace for nearly 18,000 people. It was here that the “Solidarity” movement began in 1980, a movement that lead to the fall of communism in Poland.

After the shipyard the cruise will take you on the Motława River in the centre of the Old Town. Some of the tourist attractions you will see during the cruise are the water gates leading to the city, charming old tenement houses, the Teutonic castle and the famous wooden crane from the 15th century as well as the monuments and new buildings of Ołowianka and the Granary Island.

Gdansk: Olivia Star Observation Deck Sunset Dinner & Drinks

This experience has a luxurious feeling to it as you get to dine, drink and listen to live music while gazing out on the breath-taking views of the city from 130 m about ground.

It all begins when you get picked up from your hotel and transferred to Gdansk’s iconic Olivia Star building. You will dine up on the Observation Deck with stunning panoramic views over the city. The menu is impressive and is accompanied by drinks made by some of the finest bartenders in the city.

Watch the sunset change the colours of the sky from the terrace while soaking up the romantic atmosphere as the perfect ending to an unforgettable experience.

At the end of the experience you will be dropped off at your hotel.

Gdansk: Traditional Polish Food Private Tour

This tour comes with 3 different options; 2,5 hours, 3,5 hours or 5 hours.

The basic tour of 2,5 hours will allow you to sample a basic set of foods that have strong roots among the local Polish people, including Polish meats and different kinds of dumplings. The tour will take you to 2 different places for food tasting as well as cake and coffee or tea at a patisserie during a brief guided tour of the Old Town.

The 3,5 hours option will take you to 3 different venues so you can taste even more traditional Polish food during your tour, and your professional guide will tell you about some Polish traditions and customs during the tastings.

The final option is the 5 hours tour which will not only allow you to taste the traditional Polish food but you also get to enjoy 8 kinds of beer or 8 kinds of vodka while learning more about the local history. The extended walking tour will also take you to visit hidden locations down narrow alleys and to see buildings such as the Golden Gate and Artus Court.

English, Norwegian or Swedish language options are available for the tour. Please check availability when you book the tour of your choice.

Gdansk: City Sightseeing Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Ticket

Seeing the sights of Gdansk through the experience of a Hop-On Hop-Off Bus is an option that not only allows you to go sightseeing in your own pace, but it also allows you to see the things you want to see and skip the rest, while travelling from one place to the other on the bus. The Hop-On Hop-Off buses are a popular sightseeing option in most big cities these days, and they are popular for a reason.

In Gdansk you can choose a ticket valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours and the recorded informative commentary gives you the option of 11 languages to listen to.

There are a Blue and a Red line to choose from with the Blue line taking you to see 9 strategic places including the World War II Museum, the Oliwa Cathedral and the boutique stores of Baltycka Galeria, The Red line includes stops at the Marina New Port, the Music Academy and the Energa Stadium.

Malbork Castle: 6-hour Private Tour to the Largest Castle

Malbork Castle is one of Europe’s largest brick castles and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The castle required nearly 5 million bricks to build and it was never captured in battle. It was a seat of the Teutonic Knights Order and dates from the end of the 13th century. It is one of the best-preserved Gothic strongholds in the world.

This 6-hour excursion includes the transportation from and to specific hotel pick-up points in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, a skip-the-line ticket and a 3,5 hour guided tour of the castle where you get to hear tales about brave knights and battles fought.

Be sure to wear comfortable shoes as there are a lot of staircases to climb to see the many chambers and towers, and also medieval armour and weapons, of the castle.

Gdansk: Small Group Evening Walking Tour

This evening walking tour starts at 6pm and ends up at Piwnica Rajców, a restaurant and brewery located in the historic Artus Court in the heart of the Old Town, 2 hours later.

The tour begins at Neptune’s Statue on Dlugi Targ Street where you will meet up with your English-speaking guide. The guide will take you along Royal Road and Artus Court, continue to the Gold and Green Gates followed by the Old Port and the Moltawa River to visit the Island of Granary followed by a chance to explore St. Mary’s Street and the Great Armory before finally reaching Piwnica Rajców.

Once there you get to try tasty Gdansk cuisine or craft beer brewed on site while enjoying the historic atmosphere of the place.

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